PTI is cruising to upset win in Punjab by polls and to dethrone PML-N government in Punjab

PTI is likely to win at least 15 seats to get majority in Punjab Assembly

In a big upset, PTI is on the way to win at least 15 seats. According to the unofficial and incomplete results of 20 seats of Punjab Assembly, PTI is leading on at least 15 seats out of 20 seats. 15 seats will be enough for PTI to elect its own Chief Minister in Punjab. It seems that Imran Khan's campaign has worked well for PTI. On the other hand, Maryam Nawaz despite running an impressive campaign has failed to mobilise PML-N voters in big numbers.   
The results mean that Hamza Shahbaz will not be able to retain his position of Chief Minister Punjab. PTI is likely to emerge as the largest party in Punjab and Ch Pervaiz Elahi is likely to become new CM Punjab on July 22.
PTI has won 3 out of 4 Lahore seats. PTI also wins in Multan, Sheikhupura, Lodhran, DG Khan and both seats of Jhang. 
There is still close contest  taking  place on 4 seats. The results are a political disaster for PML-N. Its like a devastating earth quack for PML-N. This defeat will demoralise the PML-N cadres in Punjab. PML-N has almost wiped out in these by polls. It seems that voters have silently reacted against the price hike in last 3 months. The sudden huge increase in prices of petrol and diesel have made the lives of masses unbearable. The coalition government needs to rethink its political strategy. 
Its moral boosting victory for PTI. PTI has established that it is the most popular party in Punjab. Now PTI will increase its pressure to hold fresh elections in the country. 
The PTI government in Punjab will further destablise the coalition government in Islamabad. The end seems near for the coalition government. this defeat will have far reaching political consequences for the coalition government led by PML-N. 
                                                                          Khalid Bhatti  

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