Zain Qureshi takes revenge of his father's defeat from Salman Naeem in PP-217 Multan by poll

Zain Qureshi bagged 46,952 votes and defeated Salman Naeem of PML-N who obtained 40,875 votes

Finally,  PTI candidate Zain Qureshi; the son of PTI stalwart  and former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has taken revenge of his father's defeat in 2018 general elections. His father lost to independent candidate Salman Naeem in 2018. In today's by poll on PP-217, Zain Qureshi defeated Salman Naeem. 
According to the unofficial and incomplete results of PP-217 by poll, Makhdoom Zain Qureshi of PTI has won the contest against Salman Naeem of PML-N. Zain Qureshi bagged 46,952 votes while PML-N candidate Salman Naeem lost with getting 40,875 votes. 
All the analysts were predicting a comfortable victory of PML-N candidate Salman Naeem. But contrary to the expectations, Zain Qureshi wins the seat with healthy margin of nearly 6,000 votes. Salman Naeem's loss is one of the biggest upset of these by polls. Shah Mehmood Qureshi has cemented his dominant political position in Multan. All the PDM parties and PPP supported Salman Naeem but he still lost the election. There is a clear surge of support for PTI in Multan and other constituencies in South Punjab.

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