Why Speaker National Assembly choose 11 resignations of PTI MNAs?

 PTI candidates won these constituencies with narrow margins in 2018 general elections

Many people are asking the question that why the speaker choose 11 out of 131 resignations of PTI MNAs to accept. The main reason seems behind this decision is the fact that PTI won these constituencies with narrow margins in 2018 general elections except NA-24 and NA-31.   

It is a clever move by the ruling coalition as it sees a fair chance of winning these constituencies in by polls. The ruling coalition might not be able to win all the 11 constituencies in the by polls but it has the chance on most seats. These constituencies have been picked very carefully after examining the past results of these constituencies. 

Major coalition partners will get their share in the by polls. ANP leader Asfandyar Wali or his son Aimal Wali will get a chance to take NA-24 Charsada. PPP will get chance on two Karachi seats of NA-237 and NA-246. JUI-F will get chance on NA-22 Mardan.  PML-N will get chance on NA-118 Nankana Sahib and NA-108 Faisalabad. 

A closer look at the election results of each constituency will tell us that why speaker choose these constituencies for by polls. The four constituencies picked up from KP are those in which the ruling coalition candidates won in local government elections.  PTI lost the local government elections held in December 2021 in these constituencies.  

Ali Muhammad Khan won NA-22, Mardan-III with the margin of just 2,259 votes. He got 58,577 votes while JUI-F candidate Maulana Muhammad Qasim bagged 56,318 votes. PML-N candidate Jamshaid Khan got 36,625 votes. ANP candidate Malik Aman khan secured 27,104 votes. PPP got 13, 477 votes. So in total, ruling coalition candidates got 1, 33,000 votes against 58,577 votes of PTI.

The ruling coalition feels confident that a joint candidate could easily defeat the PTI candidate in this constituency.

Fazal Muhammad Khan won NA-24, Charsada-II with handsome margin of nearly 24,000 votes. He defeated ANP chief Asfandyar Wali. Fazal Muhammad got 83,495 votes while Asfandyar Wali bagged 59,483 votes. JUI-F candidate Maulana Goher Shah secured 38,252 votes and finished third.

Shaukat Ali won NA-31, Peshawar-V with the huge margin of more than 45,000 votes. He defeated veteran politician and ANP leader Ghulam Ahmad Bilour. Shaukat Ali bagged 87,895 votes while Ghulam Ahmad Bilour got 42,476 votes. Bilour family will get another chance to take back this constituency.  

Fakhar Zaman Khan won NA-45, Kurram-I with the margin of 1150 votes in the by-election. This seat was won by Munir Orakzai of JUI-F with the margin of nearly 2,700 votes in 2018. Fakhar Zaman got 16,911 votes while Jamil Khan of JUI-F got 15,761 votes. Independent candidate Said Jamal got 15,559 votes. So JUI-F has a fair chance to take this seat.  

Farrukh Habib won NA-108, Faisalabad-VIII, with the narrow margin of 1200 votes. He got 1, 12,740 votes while Abid Sher Ali of PML-N got 1, 11,529 votes. PML-N thinks that it has a fair chance to take this seat.

Ijaz Ahmad Shah won NA-118, Nankana Sahib-II with the margin of 2405 votes. He got 63,818 votes while Shezra Mansab Ali of PML-N got 61, 413 votes. TLP candidate Afzaal Hussain Rizvi got 49,493 votes.  

Jamil Ahmed Khan won NA-237, Malir-II with the margin of nearly 1300 votes. He got 33,280 votes while Abdul Hakeem Baloch of PPP got 31,907 votes. PML-N got 14,099 votes.

Muhammad Akram Cheema won NA-239, Korangi Karachi-I with the narrow margin of 336 votes. He got 69,147 votes while Sohail Mansoor Khawaja of MQM-P got 68,811 votes. TLP got 30,190 votes.

Abdul Shakoor Shad won NA-246, Karachi South-I with the margin of nearly 10,000 votes. He 52,750 votes while TLP came second with 42,345 votes. PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto finished third with 39,325 votes.  Lot of reservations was expressed by PPP over this result. PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto lost the election in this constituency.

 Liari considered strong hold of PPP but suffered shock defeat in 2018 elections. PPP thinks it has fair chance to retake this constituency in by-polls.

                                                                      Khalid Bhatti Election Cell

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