Imran Khan's selective use of economic data

 Imran Khan used selective economic data in his video message today to give the impression that economy was in great shape when he was in power 

Former prime Minister Imran Khan used selective data in the comparison of his government's economic performance and the performance of current government. Imran khan tried to give the impression that everything was fine and economy was performing exceptionally well before he was ousted from power.

 Imran khan failed to mention that people of Pakistan experienced high inflation in his 44 months rule. Pakistan’s economy for the very first time experienced negative GDP growth of o.5percent.  Imran Khan left behind a weak economy, high inflation and a weak Rupee. He told us that petrol was $103 per barrel in April and now it is $93 but failed to inform us that petrol went up to $123 before fell to $93.

Now He is blaming the coalition government of PM Shahbaz Sharif for the economic mess we find ourselves in at the moment. It is true that inflation has doubled since this government came into power. The prices of petrol increased nearly 89% in last five months. The price of electricity almost doubled in last one year. The inflation reached to record high of 27.26percent from 13.9percent in last five years. The Shahbaz led government has utterly failed to control the rising inflation.

This government is responsible for the price hike in last five months. But Imran Khan laid the basis of current economic crisis. Now he is trying to shift the blame on the current government. He told half truths in his address.  

The economy was in crisis when this government took power. But instead of providing relief to masses, the coalition government made the matters worst. The implementation of neoliberal policies has intensified the crisis. The record high inflation is the result of such policies.

The price of sugar remained stable around Rs50 to 55 per kg during 5 years of PML-N government. The sugar went up to Rs 145 during the PTI rule. The sugar price is stable under Shahbaz Sharif led coalition government.

The prices of wheat flour were doubled during PTI's 44 months rule. The people of Pakistan are paying heavy price of PTI's incompetence and corruption. Just read the inquiry reports of Sugar and wheat inquiry commissions established by PTI government. But no action was taken.

PML-N government in Punjab was providing subsidy on wheat flour. Just to put the record straight, flour prices were stable when Shahbaz Sharif was CM Punjab for 10 years. The prices remained around Rs 35 to 45 per Kg for nearly 10 years.

Imran Khan gives wrong figures regarding the price of wheat flour. The price went up to Rs123 per kg in his tenure before settling around Rs80 per kg. Yes the price has gone up to Rs100 per kg after the floods. The provincial governments have raised the support price for farmer

The PTI led provincial governments in Punjab and KP has failed to control the prices of wheat flour and other locally produced agriculture products. The provincial governments led by PTI are not doing enough to deal with this situation and simply blaming the federal government.

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