PML-N emerges as the leading party with 12 seats in Muzaffarabad Municipal Corporation elections

PTI suffered defeat in the Municipal corporation elections held after 31 years and could manage to win just 08 seats 

PML-N has emerged as the leading party in the elections of Muzaffarabad Municipal Corporation. PML-N wins 12 seats in the house of 36. PTI suffered defeat in the elections and could only manage to win 08 seats.  PPP wins 07 and independent candidates 07 seats. Muslim Conference wins 2seats PML-N and PPP are in the position to elect their mayor in the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). PML-N need the support of another 07 councilors to elect its mayor. PPP has 07seats. So PML-N and PPP has the strength to elect their mayor.  PTI failed to perform well in Muzaffarabad and likely to lose the election of mayor. 

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