PPP is leading the race with 138 seats in the first phase of LG elections 2022

 PTI is trailing behind with 128 seats while PML-N is at third spot with 99 seats so far

 According to the official results of AJK Election Commission, independent candidates have won most seats so far. independents have won 177 seats out of 568 seats  of Municipal Corporation, Town Committees, Municipal Committees, District Counsels and Union Council members declared so far. There are 669 total seats on which the elections were held yesterday. The results of 101 seats are yet to be declared. 

PPP is leading the race among the political parties. PPP has won 138 seats so far. It has won 10 more seats than the ruling PTI. PTI has won 128 seats so far. PML-N is at third spot with 99 seats. Muslim Conference has won 22 seats. 

PTI is leading the races in District council elections. PPP is leading in UC members elections. PML-N is leading Municipal Corporation, Town Committees and Municipal Committee elections. PTI won two out three district councils. PPP won one district council. 

PPP is way ahead in UC elections. PPP has won 109 UC seats. PTI has won 88 seats while PML-N won 73 seats so far. 

PML-N has won most seats in Muzaffarabad Municipal Corporation elections. PTI and PPP are closely behind. PML-N and PPP are likely to elect their mayor in Muzaffarabad.  

PPP has won most seats in district council Muzaffarabad elections with 17 seats. PTI has won 16 while PML-N 02 while Muslim Conference 03 seats. Independents have won 03 seats. The independents are going to play the role of kingmakers in the elections of chairman DC. 

PTI has emerged leading party in Jehlum and Neelum District Councils. PTI has won 7 seats in Neelum District Council while PML-N has won 05 and PPP 03 seats. Two seats went to independent candidates. PTI can elect its chairman DC with the help of independents. 

In Jehlum district Council  PTI has won 10 seats out of 18 seats. PML-N and PPP won 03 seats each while independents won 02 seats. PTI will easily elect its chairman. 

The elections were held in three district of Muzaffarabad Division on Sunday, November 28 in the first phase. The Local Government elections were held after the gap of 31 years. 

                                                                      Khalid Bhatti 

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