US midterm elections 2022- Republicans likely to take Congress while Democrats likely to hold Senate

 Republicans likely to take control of Congress but Democrats are doing better in the midterm elections than expected

The results are pouring in after polling ended in US midterm elections 2022. The Republican Party is likely to regain the control of House of Representatives with the narrow margin of just couple of seats. Some projections are indicating the final result of  218 seats for Republicans and 217 seats for Democrats.
As some seats are still to declare, Republicans are leading House races at the moment. Republicans have won 203 seats so far while Democrats have won 181 seats. Democrats are leading more than 24 seats in California not declared so far. The final result might be too close than it looks now. 
It means a majority of just one seat for Republicans.
 Republicans might be able to get control of Congress but it is not a red wave as many republicans were hoping for. Democrats have done better than the expectations. It is not a kind of routing for democrats as many Republicans were hoping. Democrats have done better.  
The Democrats are likely to hold on to their control of Senate. Democrats have flipped a Senate seat from Republicans in Pennsylvania. Democrats might ended having a one seat majority in the Senate. 
Many Trump endorsed hard right candidates have lost the elections. 
                                                                     Khalid Bhatti   

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