Imran Khan announced to dissolve KP and Punjab assembly on December 23

 Political crisis likely to intensify after the dissolution of both assemblies

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced to dissolve Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies on December 23 (Friday).

The former prime minister was addressing his workers and supporters at Liberty Chowk via a video link along with Chief Minister Punjab Parvez Elahi and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CM Mehmood Khan from his residence in Zaman Park Lahore. 

PTI decided to dissolve the two provincial assemblies to put more pressure on the government to announce fresh elections. Imran Khan tried to put pressure on the federal government through the street protests but failed to force the government to call the fresh elections in the country. Imran Khan organised two long marches towards Islamabad and organised nearly 60 rallies across the country. 

After failing to bring down the government through street protests, imran khan now decided to dissolve the Punjab and KP assemblies. According to the constitution, elections will be held in two provinces within 90 days after the formal dissolution of both assemblies. 

The already existing political crisis is likely to intensify after dissolution of both assemblies. 

The PTI chief reiterated his demand for free and fair elections, warning the country might sink otherwise. "Once we dissolve both the assemblies, we will hold elections in the provinces. Also, our 123-125 National Assembly members whose resignations have not been accepted will ask the speaker inside the assembly to accept their resignations."

Following these moves, the ex-premier said as much as 66% of Pakistan would move towards elections and in line with the law, elections should take place within 90 days of the assemblies' dissolution.

Questioning the government about its roadmap, the PTI chief said that the federal government will not even conduct elections in October 2023.

The election commission is conniving with them. A very dishonest man is involved with them, who will tell them ways to delay elections. The PTI chief added that even after the Supreme Court of Pakistan agreed for the elections to be held, it was this same ECP that refused to conduct elections for seven months.

“The Constitution of Pakistan says that the ECP should always be ready to conduct elections in 90 days. I know that it will try its best to not do so,” he said.


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