JKPPP emerged as largest party with 07 seats in Rawalakot Municipal Corporation

 PTI suffered heavy defeat as it wins just 2 out of 22 seats- independents wins 06 seats, PML-N wins 03 and PPP wins 04 seats  

According to the unofficial results of Municipal Corporation Rawalakot, Jammu Kashmir PPP has won 07 seats and emerged as the largest party in the house of 22. Independents came at second spot with 06 seats. PPP wins 04 seat while PML-N 03 seats. PTI could only manage to win just 02 seats.  PTI has failed to perform well in the corporation elections mainly consists of urban areas. 
JKPPP now in the position to elect its Mayor in Rawalakot Municipal Corporation with the help of independents or PML-N. 
                                                                        Khalid Bhatti  

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