PTI wants PM Shahbaz Sharif to take vote of confidence from national Assembly

President Arif Alvi can ask the Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take vote of confidence to show his majority of 172 members

PTI chairman Imran Khan is discussing the option of asking PM Shahbaz Sharif to take vote of confidence through the President Arif Alvi. Imran Khan revealed this in an interview with a news channel yesterday. 

In a retributive attempt to bring down the Pakistan Democratic Movement-led government in the centre, PTI Chairman Imran Khan Saturday insisted that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will have to take a vote of confidence.

In the interview when the host asked Imran Khan if the incumbent prime minister could be asked to obtain a vote of confidence from the National Assembly, Imran said: “Absolutely, we will test him.” Imran said Shehbaz had tested the PTI so now the party would turn the tables on the prime minister.

He said the party would hash out the details of the move in a party meeting on Sunday and carry out full planning for not only the trust vote but also “other plans to fully thrust them in a testing situation now”.

It is pertinent to mention that the MQM-P, a key ally of the ruling coalition, has in recent days indicated that it could quit the federal government owing to what it says are unfulfilled promises.

Khan's comments came at a time when the PDM faces resentment from its coalition allies Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P).

The party has threatened to leave the federal government following their "unaddressed" reservations in the local body polls being held in Karachi and Hyderabad on January 15 (Sunday). MQM-P's votes will be crucial to help the incumbent prime minister continue his term in office.

Meanwhile, President Arif Alvi said that he will follow the Constitution if asked to take a “vote of confidence” from PM Shehbaz.

In an interview on with a private news channel, president Alvi said the Constitution has clearly mentioned the way forward in such situations. “This is speculation that they (PTI) will ask [me to ask PM Shehbaz to take a confidence vote] and I will do it,” he said. “Whatever the Constitution says will be the way forward.”

He added that if the president thinks that the legislature does not have confidence in the government, then he can ask for a vote of confidence.


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