Another accusation from Imran Khan

Imran Khan is famous for making baseless allegations against his rivals.The latest accusation is once again against Sharif family. Imran Khan has accused Sharif family for offering him 10 billion rupees as bargain to back off from Panama case. He has refused to tell the name of the person who made him that offer. He just pointed out that a close friend of Hamza Shahbaz Sharif approached one of the friend of Imran Khan to make that deal.

The Sharif family has rejected this allegation as baseless and fabricated. Now they are asking him to make the name of the person public who offerd him 10 billion offer. Smeone will now approach either High court or  Supreme Court to investigate this serious allegation.

Allegations and accusations are hall mark of our politics. Our politicians avoid to discuss serious issues and problems faced by masses, instead they highlight the non- issues to divert the attention of the masses away from their real issues. Politicians wants to remain in the news and always ready to anything to get attention and coverage.

The media also highlight the non issues and spend most of the time to cover nonsense. The electronic media has crossed all limits to promote their own wested interets and agenda. Some anchors daily hold their courts in the news studios and label serious charges and baseless allegations without any evidence. Everybody who is not ready to fall in line with their positions have been declared traitors and anti- Pakistan.

Now it is the responsibility of Imran Khan to prove his allegation and made the name of person public. It is not the first time that he made accusation without having suufient evidence. He made serious allegation against Najam Sethi for helping the PML-N to win 35 seats in Punjab in the last general elections. But Imran Khan backtracked in the court.

This is not a good tradition to made allegations without having concrete evidence. The leading policians should think seriously before going public. It is the responsibility of the leadership to confirm the rumours before making it the breaking news of the media.

Pakistan needs an affective defamation law to stop such baseless allegations. The people who make baseless allegations and defame others for their own benifit should be dealt with iron hand.

An independent inquiry should be initiated on this allegation. It is a very serious allegation. The use of money to buy off state officials and opponents is no secret in this country. But if the Sharif family has tried to bought off Imran Khan then it is a serious matter and should be properly investigated.

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