The business communitylosing 20 billion daily due to transport strike in Karachi

The businesses and industries in Karachi continue to lose money because of a strike of transporters against the restrictions imposed on the heavy vehicles during the day time. The businesses losing 20 billion per day due to the strike. More than 7,000 containers runs through the the two ports of Karachi and industrial areas. They use main roads of the city to carry goods for both imports and exports. There is a pile of nearly 70,000 containers lying in the port city. It will take weeks to clear the pile of containers after the strike finishes.

The industrialists are claiming that  they are suffering the loss of 6 billion rupees per day just on the exports. If the situation persists for some more days then some exporters might lose orders. The importers and exporters of the perishable goods and materials are suffering the most. They might end up with containers full of rotten vegetables and fruits. 

The Sindh High court impose ban on the entry of heavy trucks and container carriers during the day time. The transporters refused to used longer routs and went on strike. The Sindh High Court impose the ban in March and directed the provincial transport secretary and chief traffic officer to strictly implement the ban during the day time.

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