DHA City scam affectees continue to suffer as no solution in sight

More than 11000 ( eleven thousand) affectees of DHA city scam continue to suffer as either NAB or DHA administration come up with any solution. The NAB has filed a reference against main accused in this scam. The DHA is asking the affected people to wait till the final outcome of the NAB case. But the main accused Kamran Kayani is still at large and government seems not very keen or interested to bring him back. The Interior ministry has not yet issued Red warrant for Kamran Kayani, the brother of former army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Thousands of people deposited the money to get the plots in the DHA City but they have not yet got their plots. They deposited 15 billion rupees in the accounts of DHA City without knowing that this is a joint venture. When the DHA was selling the plots to the public, they never mentioned that this is not their project. The people trusted the name of DHA to buy the plots. It was the internal arrangement of the DHA to involve other private companies in this project.Why the people who paid the required amount been punished for the crimes and misdeeds of the others.

It is important to mention here that if an applicant failed to make the payment of the installment on time then the DHA fined him. DHA is trying to fix the responsibility on the others, DHA should take the responsibility and solve this problem. Why the DHA failed to safe guard the interests of the allotees and blindly trusted the private partners. It seems that DHA is not very keen to end the suffering and mental trauma because the affectees are common of this country. They are not big guns and influential enough to force the DHA or the government to solve this.

Now the DHA authorities have adopted a bureaucratic attitude towards affected people and asking them to wait the NAB court decision. We know very well that how long such cases take to be decided in the courts. Both the government and DHA management should adopt sympathic attitude and solve this issue.

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