Stop price hike

The federal government announced to increase the prices of petroleum products. This decision will undoubtedly increase burden on the poor masses. The poor people already suffering from high prices of food items, vegetables and other daily utilities of life. Now the transporters will increase the fares.

It seems that the federal and provincial governments have failed to check the price hike. The prices of tomatoes, potatoes and onions have already been significantly increased. Some weeks back, wholesale price of tomato was hovering between Rs20-25 per kg which rose to Rs40-50 per kg within a week and continue to rise through out September and October. The wholesale price was ranging between Rs100-120 per kg depending on the quality. Retailers are fleecing consumers by charging higher prices for normal quality and size tomato as many of them are demanding Rs40 per 250 grams.

The prices soared in September and continue to be on the higher side. The government has failed to build a mechanism to control market forces. The big traders and wholesalers took advantage of the situation and mint money from the people. This trend to exploit the people to make maximum profits must be stopped. It is the responsibility of the state and the government to protect the ordinary citizens from the greed and exploitation of traders, investors and producers. But state seems to be not interested to save the poor people from the greed of few.

The federal government already increased the prices of electricity and natural gas. All this has compounded effect on the expenditures of the common people. The incomes and wages of the vast majority of working people is not rising  but the expenditures are rising consistently. the masses are facing many economic difficulties and hardships due to this situation. The government should intervene immediately to stop this artificial price hike. Bring down the prices of vegetables, food items and other utilities to the normal level.

The traders, producers, stockists and investors has every right to engage in a lawfully and legal commercial and manufacturing activities. But they have no right to earn unjustified profits and exploitation of masses. This practice must be stopped. The government should provide relief to the poorest sections of the society.

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